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On this page you can expect to see what is new and happening with the Damsels.

November 14, 2001

bulletWell, I guess it's been about FOREVER since I've been able to get this update taken care of.  I have been busy trying to salvage the Lonely Knights website after Tripod killed no avail, alas.  I have to start over.
bulletIn case all of you hadn't heard yet, I guess we are now going to be called "The Naughty Knighties" instead of "The Damsels", so you will notice the reference changes throughout the site and the lonely knights site also.
bulletWe have 2 NEW MEMBERS!  Be sure to visit their pages and say Howdy! when you see them at a gathering.  Lois F.  and Donna D'Amore.  
bulletWe have all known Lois for quite some time and I finally talked her into taking the plunge to becoming a "Knightie" with the rest of us.  You can find her and John cruzin' around in their '53 Chevy Belair Convertible.  Lois also has a couple of other cars that she is working on.
bulletDonna and her Hubby own at tattoo shop in the 'Springs.  It's called "Art With A Pulse."  She also has her own ride, be sure to take a look, it's SWEEET!  
bulletI would also like you ladies to send me out an email with some of your favorite oldies so I can add them to our jukebox. And, if you have a personal all time type of favorite, I will be more than happy to put it on your personal page to play when you visit.
bulletAnd, last but not least...  I finally was able to get a clear picture of the new TRUNK ART on Janet's car, WHISTLE BAIT.  It's really cool!  Almost nasty!  Gotta Love It!

Well, I guess that's about it for now ladies.  Hopefully Tripod has fixed their server problems so that when I post this it won't get messed up!

June 28, 2001

bulletNew Pictures of Chris Roberts.
bulletMalana's New Tattoo!
bulletLot's of updates to the Lonely Knights website!

June 1, 2001

bulletNew Damsels Website!  Yeah!
bulletNew Damsels least a start anyway...
bulletNew Pictures on Cyndie's Page!  
bulletKool Night Shot of Rock-N-Roll McDonalds!
bulletHot Tunes to listen to from our Jukebox!



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